Gino's Plumbing and Heating
Barrington Plumber
Gino's Plumbing and Heating is
proud to service all of the Barrington
area. Whether it's a clogged toilet or
a complete remodel you can rest
assure that the professionals at
Gino's Plumbing and Heating will
get the job done right and at an
affordable price. So give us a call to
schedule your appointment.

Once you give us a call you'll be
greeted by one of our professional
office staff operates. Who will listen
to your problem and work with you to
schedule a convenient time for one
of our highly skilled technicians to
come to your home and address your
plumbing issues with the utmost care
& concern.
Here's a small list of some of the
problems you might be dealing with.
Your drain is draining out slow....
kitchen sink is clogged....
Your bathroom
sink is clogged....
toilet is clogged....
tub is clogged....
Your utility sink is clogged....
Your Water Heater is leaking....
Gas Water Heater isn't working....
Electric Water Heaters pilot lights off...
Water Heater has rusty water...
Water Heater is old...
Gas Boiler needs repairing...
Garbage Disposal is not working...
Toilet is leaking...
Kitchen Faucet is leaking....
Shower is not working right...
Sump Pump is not working...
At 140 degrees, it takes 5 seconds for water to burn
skin. At 160 degrees, it takes only 1/2 of a second.
Home hot water systems should be set to no hotter
than 125 degrees.
In a typical home, more than 9,000 gallons of water are
wasted while running the faucet waiting for hot water.
As much as 15% of your annual water heating costs can
be wasted heating this extra 9,000 gallons

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